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Code of Conduct

CocktailCon is intended to be a forum for the open exchange of information and ideas. Participants should feel free to communicate their ideas without fear of injury, harassment, retaliation, insult, or unwanted sexual advance.

Due to the nature of the event, alcohol is involved. Everyone is expected to maintain control of their facilities and act in a respectful manner. Non-alcoholic options are available and highly-recommended.

Participants violating this policy will be asked to stop this behavior and will be expected to immediately comply. If the offense is egregious, the participant will be asked to immediately leave and may be banned from future CocktailCon events. Similarly, if the participant refuses to comply with the request to cease the offending behavior, they may be asked to leave and banned from future events. In extreme cases, CocktailCon will refer the individual(s) to relevant authorities.

Participants must be over the age of 21. No exceptions.

Media Policy: No photos, videos, recordings or other media may be gathered at any CocktailCon event without the express consent of all present individuals.

If you feel uncomfortable, need assistance, feel you are the victim of a Code of Conduct violation or witness to such a violation, please get in contact with a CocktailCon Goon or organizer. All reports will be taken seriously and held in confidence.

This policy applies to everyone at CocktailCon, including but not limited to participants, staff, volunteers, and organizers.

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